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Stop Using Cheesy Stock Photos

Stop Using Cheesy Stock Photos (Please!)

One of my biggest pet peeves EVER is the use of cheesy stock photos in website and marketing design today. Who is paying for this crap? Or maybe the better question is who in the hell is making it? Is this stuff really the best you got? 

Here’s a small collection of some of the worst, cheesy stock photos you can buy online. Please don’t.

If anything, you’ll get a laugh out of it.

Cheesy Stock Photo of Business People

GO TEAM! (Does anyone really do this in their office???)


Cheesy Business Christmas Stock Photo

A very festive two thumbs up from THESE GUYS! Awkward.


Cheesy Working Girl Stock Photo

This girl REALLY wants you to know she will be safe and patriotic while drilling for you. What is she even selling though?



Cheesy Business Angry Guy Stock Photo

He’s pissed off and he wants you to know it! Is this really how you want to represent your brand?


Cheesy SEO stock photo

And, this little gem is for you industry peeps. Let me guess. You do SEO. So creative. (rolls eyes)


Bitten cookie decorated with pills

People who struggle with addiction should not have to sift through 1000’s of blog posts and website pages covered in images of pills and needles. Do better.


Mature Adult Bad Stock Photo

Whose parents are these? Come get them.


Group of teens having an intervention

These teens really know how to party.


Cheater Bad Stock Photo

This is literally the hottest stock photo on the internet now.

Cause we all have nothing better to do: The Hot New Meme Is Giving in to Your Worst Impulses

But the real winner? ANY PHOTO WITH THIS CHICK:

Bad Stock Photo Woman In Car

Is it just me or is this stock photo model on every website in America? Jeez people. Mix it up a LITTLE BIT!


Bad Stock Photo Woman Holding Heart

Did they sit around one day and brainstorm every cheesy idea they had for a stock photo??? I know, I know, act like you’re holding a heart and smile REAAAAALLLLY big.


Bad Stock Photo Glasses

No words.


Bad Stock Photo Doctor Thumbs Up

Definitely taking medical advice from a doctor who knows when to give a good thumbs up.


Nooooo. Just no.

Stop filling the internet landfills with more of this boring, generic crap.

Can we all agree as designers and markers NOT to create and/or use said “crappy” stock photos?

And, website owners – can you also seek out professional designers and marketers who understand how important quality photography is to your brand and marketing campaigns?

I’m just sayin.

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