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Family Photo Shoot in the Phoenix Art District

A Little Pre-Shoot Background I love art. I love photography. I love my family. However, I have been so busy so I haven’t had enough time to spend with those aspects of my life. And, I started realizing we never had a family photo with Zavey. Together Chris and I have 6 kids: Nick, Ashton, Abi, Eli, Zavey and Cam. Because it’s a his, hers, mine and ours situation, we only gained joint custody of Zavey a couple of years ago. Prior ...
Addiction Treatment Marketing Consultant - Jenny Stradling

Why I Do Rehab Business Consulting

Strategic and Ethical Sales and Marketing Solutions for the Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health Industry There are over 15,000 specialty addiction treatment centers in the United States alone. However, despite the fact that Americans are dying of drug overdoses in the tens of thousands, treatment facilities are still struggling to keep their beds full. Why is this? It’s complicated actually. But, there are two main reasons: ...
Jenny Stradling - Creative Project - Photo-A-Day

Taking and Sharing a Photo-a-Day Could Improve Your Mental Health

Have you ever tried a photo-a-day challenge? You know, the monthly calendar that includes an idea for a photo each day. Here’s how it works. Pick a challenge to participate in, take a photo every day that is your interpretation of the description, and share it on your favorite social media platform using the hashtag. Here’s an example from an old company photo-a-day challenge we held at Eminent SEO allllll the way back in 2013: Can a ...
Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

100 of the Best Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Feeling discouraged? Looking for some inspiration? As a long-time entrepreneur myself, I get it. Deciding to be an entrepreneur is, in itself, taking a leap of faith. You have to be prepared for highs and lows. You have to expect and live with failure. There are days you will wonder why you started. It will be hard. But, no one said it was going to be easy, did they? How Many Startups Fail? Did you know that 9 out of every 10 new businesses ...

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