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Rehab Marketer Rant

A Rant on Being a Long Time Rehab Marketer

Chris and I have been working together for 15 YEARS. And that is like forever in internet years…. So much of our work has been for other people. We’ve made thousands of websites and put countless hours of research and time into building out brands, content, videos, websites and beautiful assets for organic marketing campaigns that just go to waste, get destroyed or taken down because the owner doesn’t understand their value. It’s a shame. ...
Why You Can’t Do Paid Ads on Mental Health and Addiction Related Content

Why You Can’t Do Paid Ads on Mental Health and Addiction Related Content (even if you aren’t a treatment center)

Not too long ago an industry friend and expert SEO, Alan Bleiweiss, asked a question related to SEO and mental health- specifically addiction treatment. I thought I would take a moment to write up and share my thoughts to help clarify for anyone else who is frustrated and might have not spent as much time as I have on this issue specifically. I hope Alan doesn’t mind the post. My hopes are that others who read it will understand why Google ...
Addiction Treatment Marketing Consultant - Jenny Stradling

Why I Do Rehab Business Consulting

Strategic and Ethical Sales and Marketing Solutions for the Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health Industry There are over 15,000 specialty addiction treatment centers in the United States alone. However, despite the fact that Americans are dying of drug overdoses in the tens of thousands, treatment facilities are still struggling to keep their beds full. Why is this? It’s complicated actually. But, there are two main reasons: ...
Medication Assisted Treatment Marketing Strategy for Treatment Centers

Why Your Addiction Treatment Center Needs to Offer MAT

As of April 2018, about 127 million people were employed on a full-time basis in the United States. Of those, 25 percent are struggling with a mental illness. That means currently more than 31 million Americas are working and dealing with a mental health disorder. And, according to SAMHSA, almost 9 million people in the United States have both a mental health and substance abuse issue. Despite the ongoing public debate on whether addiction ...

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