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Jenny Stradling - Creative Project - Photo-A-Day

Taking and Sharing a Photo-a-Day Could Improve Your Mental Health

Have you ever tried a photo-a-day challenge? You know, the monthly calendar that includes an idea for a photo each day. Here’s how it works. Pick a challenge to participate in, take a photo every day that is your interpretation of the description, and share it on your favorite social media platform using the hashtag. Here’s an example from an old company photo-a-day challenge we held at Eminent SEO allllll the way back in 2013: Can a ... - Hang-ups and Writers Block

Hang-ups and Writers Block

It’s kinda funny even saying I have writers block, because I literally write all day – every day (you should see my Outbox!). But, I do. I think that people who start a personal blog believe they will post daily and become an internet sensation, attracting hordes of visitors. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Every writer has creative blocks from time to time, so I am trying to be kind to myself but the analyst in me is ...

Is The Keyboard Killing Our Creativity?

  I have spent pretty much the last decade typing on a computer. I never really learned how to properly type, but my method works and I’m fast. I don’t think about typing anymore but I do think about writing. In a way they are the same thing, but not necessarily. “Writing” is an act that requires an actual pen and paper… OR, it’s a piece of work, which technically could have been “written” on a computer keyboard (or if you’re old school ...

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